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What is a blastocyst?

About 18 hours after fertilisation of the egg and sperm, two nuclei are observed in the fertilised egg. These nuclei fuse and disappear and the fertilised egg begins to divide. The number of cells continues to increase to 2,4,8,16 and increases immeasurably after the third day.On the fourth day, a cavity forms in the middle, and on the fifth day, a fluid-filled cavity forms and the blastocyst, which is made up of cells that form the baby, surrounded by cells that form the placenta, is formed.

Advantage of Blastocyst

Since the outer surface of the blastocysts is very thin, the likelihood of attachment to the uterine surface increases. These embryos are also called selected embryos. Most fertilised eggs develop by the third day and only 40 % of these eggs reach the blastocyst stage.It is also important that the conditions of the IVF centre are suitable for the blastocyst transfer and that it is successful.
  • Laboratory conditions
  • Adequate and high quality equipment
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team in the field
  • Experienced embryologist who carefully observes

Who is suitable for blastocyst transfer?

  • Couples who want to avoid multiple pregnancies.
  • Couples who do not want the remaining embryos to be frozen.
  • It may be preferred in cases where pregnancy did not occur in the previous IVF attempt on day 3 of the embryo.
The development of a blastocyst may not be observed in patients with increasing age and problems with sperm. For this, your doctor will guide you and offer you the most appropriate treatment method.
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