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Embryo freezing

The process of freezing the embryo (the cell formed by the fertilisation of the egg by the sperm) is called embryo freezing.

How is embryo freezing carried out?

Embryos that can be frozen at all stages of development are mixed with a protective liquid and placed in glass tubes and frozen at -196 degrees in liquid nitrogen. When frozen embryos are to be thawed, they are removed from liquid nitrogen and thawed at room temperature. It is removed from the protective liquid and placed in a special culture medium. It can be transferred later. The survival probability of frozen and thawed embryos varies depending on the freezing stage, freezing technique, embryo quality, genetic factors and embryo freezing success rates of the centre. In general, the probability of survival of frozen embryos is about 90%. The probability of pregnancy after transfer of embryos obtained in this way varies depending on the age of the woman

What are the advantages of embryo freezing?

  • Embryo freezing is economical.
  • The suitability of the patient to the treatment is easy.
  • There is less stress on the patient.
  • Since it is a finished embryo, there is no need to take medicines again and retrieve eggs.

For whom can embryo freezing be used?

  • When good quality embryos remain after embryo transfer.
  • When the endometrial tissue surrounding the uterus does not reach sufficient thickness.
  • In cases where surgery is required in the uterus.
  • Before interventions such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Patients who have overexcitation syndrome due to the medication used.
  • Women who experience bleeding during treatment.

Transfer of thawed embryos

Tablets containing oestrogen are used to prepare the uterus for transfer. When the endometrium has reached the required thickness for transfer, the embryos are thawed and transferred.
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