Endometrial Scratching

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What is endometrial scratching?

The procedure preferred by patients who have previously had IVF treatment but have failed, to increase the likelihood of pregnancy with IVF treatment, is called endometrial scratching. The procedure to facilitate the attachment of the embryo to the uterus is also called endometrial biopsy. The purpose of scratching the endometrium is to repair damaged uterine tissue. The embryo to be transferred in this way has a high chance of attaching to new tissue. As studies have proven that it can increase the pregnancy rate, in vitro fertilisation is performed one month before the embryo is transferred.

How is endometrial scratching performed?

Endometrial scratching, applied with hysteroscopy or biopsy instruments, will slightly scratch the intrauterine tissue. Intrauterine tissue also gives the reaction of the body tissue to injury. In other words, the healing process begins after this scratching. At the end of this repair, the chance of the embryo attaching increases.

Who is endometrial scratching used for?

  • In patients with unsuccessful IVF treatment.
  • In patients where IVF treatment fails to achieve uterine wall thickness and patients with uterine thinning.
  • In cases where the embryo cannot attach despite good ovum and embryo quality.
  • In cases where there is no problem in the uterus
  • It is used in cases where the drugs used in IVF treatment are not sufficient.

Does endometrial scratching increase the likelihood of pregnancy?

The thickness of the uterus is one of the most important factors in IVF treatment. In order for the embryo to attach, the uterine wall must be healthy. The European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) has been presented with studies on endometrial scratching increasing the likelihood of pregnancy, and it has been reported to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Is endometrial scratching painful?

When the endometrium is scratched, painkillers are administered to the patient without using anaesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Most patients report that they experience mild pain during the procedure.

When is endometrial scratching performed?

Endometrial scratching is performed 2 weeks before in vitro fertilisation or frozen embryo transfer. This week is the best time as it is before menstruation after the woman ovulates.
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