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What is IMSI?

In IMSI IVF treatment, it offers the possibility of selecting the best sperm based on their morphological characteristics.With the help of IMSI magnification lenses and special optical systems, the sperm appear many times larger than with the microinjection technique. It is magnified up to 8000 times instead of 400 times with IMSI. In this way, the defective ones in the DNA structure of the sperm head region are distinguished and good sperm are selected. Thanks to this method, healthy sperm fertilise the egg and the quality of the embryo increases and the risk of early miscarriage decreases. The cause of damage to sperm DNA is advanced age, smoking and alcohol consumption, exposure of the testicles to an unusually hot environment, long sexual abstinence and air pollution.

How is IMSI used?

Eggs are collected from the expectant mother and sperm from the expectant father. The collected sperm cells are enlarged up to 8000 times with the help of a special device and examined. Successful fertilisation is ensured in the laboratory environment by selecting the healthiest and structurally weakest sperm.

Who is IMSI used for?

  • Patients with sperm count and quality problems.
  • Patients who do not become pregnant despite having sufficient eggs in sufficient quantity and quality.
  • Patients with unsuccessful IVF treatments
  • Patients with recurrent miscarriages
  • In case of infertility problems of unknown cause
  • It is used in patients with slow or poor embryonic development.
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