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What is IVF?

In vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF), used for couples who cannot have a baby naturally, is the process of fertilising eggs retrieved from the woman and sperm retrieved from the man in a laboratory environment. These fertilised eggs begin to divide and form the embryo. These embryos are placed in the uterus of the expectant mother. The difference between IVF treatment and a natural pregnancy is that the fertilisation process takes place under laboratory conditions and is placed in the womb of the expectant mother. In cases of blocked fallopian tubes, infections, damaged fallopian tubes, where the fallopian tubes have been removed as a result of ectopic pregnancy or cannot be treated surgically, problems with cervical secretion, low sperm quality, unexplained infertility, inability to achieve results with intrauterine insemination, weight and age, couples prefer to opt for the IVF treatment method.

IVF treatment process

A woman with regular menstruation produces one menstrual egg every month. In IVF treatment, this number is increased by externally administered hormone preparations. Although the treatment protocol varies depending on the patient, treatment is generally used to prevent ovum development and early ovulation. The ova are then re-examined and the necessary ultrasound and blood tests are carried out. The matured ovum are prepared for retrieval with the cracking needle and fertilised with the sperm retrieved from the man.

Assessment of couples before IVF

Under current living conditions, couples delay childbearing. As a result, depending on age, a decrease in ovum quality and reserve in women and sperm count in men is observed. When assessing couples prior to IVF, the cause of infertility should be identified and from this the appropriate treatment for the couple should be determined. The next step should be to establish the dual treatment regimen and determine the potential success rate and cost of treatment. When assessing the couple prior to IVF, this information should be shared if there are alternative treatments available for the couple.Men and women are assessed separately before IVF treatment. The couple's previous reproductive histories should be listened to; It should be learned if there is any alcohol, cigarette and drug use.
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