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What is piezo application?

Piezo in vitro fertilisation is a procedure used in patients who have never been fertilised before, have a low fertilisation rate and therefore cannot transfer embryos. The piezoelectric procedure, which is used in stem cell experiments in medicine, is also used in in vitro fertilisation treatments in the world's leading centres.

How is Piezo used in IVF treatment?

The problem with the group of patients referred to as fertilisation disorder, i.e. total fertilisation, is that the egg resists the sperm or prevents embryo formation due to problems in the fertilisation potential of the sperm. These patients are supported with applications that are an alternative to conventional IVF treatment.  In IVF treatment, an electric current called piezo is applied to the egg after microinjection. In this way, the electric current polarises the cell, affects the nuclear membranes of sperm and egg and fuses their DNA. This current, which stimulates the mechanical system during fertilisation and division of the cell, ensures the activity of the egg resists fertilisation, and thus fertilisation and embryo formation. With piezoelectric stimulation, embryos can be obtained in patients who have never been able to obtain embryos before.
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