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What is microchip IVF?

Microchip in vitro fertilisation is the treatment method used in IVF and vaccination for couples with infertility problems and helps with sperm selection.If the sperm count is low, non-motile or morphologically defective, it cannot fertilise the ovum naturally. In this case, treatments such as microchip IVF are preferred. The aim of microchip IVF treatment is to separate the sperm that can fertilise the ovum from those of lesser quality.

How is the microchip IVF treatment applied?

Sperm chips consist of microchannels. These microchannels help to select healthy and high-quality sperm. Like a filter, sperm with unhealthy DNA, even if slightly damaged, are collected in one section, and high-quality and undamaged sperm are collected in one section.Healthy and high-quality sperm are fertilised with the ovum, which is characterised by the microinjection process. Thus, the chance of pregnancy increases with the formation of healthy embryos.

What are the advantages of microchip IVF treatment?

Microchip IVF treatment, which increases the success rate, creates high-quality embryos after selecting high-quality and healthy sperm. Thus, a healthy baby is born. It provides financial and moral gain by reducing the number of attempts at IVF treatment.
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