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What is mini-IVF treatment?

Mini in vitro fertilisation is a method that uses low-dose medication to ensure the development of a small number of high-quality ovules. The developing ovules are fertilised by microinjection, as in conventional IVF treatment.Generally, this method is used for patients who cannot obtain ova or high-quality embryos with high doses of drugs such as drug-free IVF treatment. The success of the method, which is particularly preferred in patients with low ovarian reserve and advanced age, is no less than classical IVF treatment. In fact, sometimes high-dose medication use reduces ovum quality in these patients. The aim of mini-in vitro fertilisation treatment is to provide oocyte development with the patient's own hormones and low-dose medication.

How is the mini-IVF treatment performed?

In the mini-IVF treatment, the patient is taken for an ultrasound on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. In the patient's ovaries, the thickness of the uterine wall is examined and a blood test for reproductive hormones is performed. If there is no problem, the patient is given folic acid and after 4 days the ovary is called again for a follow-up examination. This check will see if the patient has naturally growing ova. If there is a growing ovum, needle protection is started when it reaches 13 mm to prevent the ovum from breaking. About 5 or 6 needles are made and then a cracking needle is made to crack the ovum. The patient's egg is retrieved under anaesthesia 36 hours after the injection. Embryo formation is followed by fertilisation of the ovum and sperm in the laboratory environment. The resulting embryo is transferred to the patient.

For whom is the mini-IVF treatment used?

  • Patients with low ovum reserve
  • Patients with low ovum quality in conventional IVF treatment
  • Patients with unsuccessful IVF treatment
  • It is used in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. It may be preferred as it eliminates the risk of over-stimulation of the ova.
The reason why mini in vitro fertilisation is preferred is that the medication to be used by the patient is less and it is cheaper in price than classical in vitro fertilisation.
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