Sperm DNA damage?

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What is sperm DNA damage?

The situation in which the inside of the sperm is damaged, resulting in a decrease in the sperm's ability to fertilise, is called sperm DNA damage. Sperm DNA damage cannot be detected in the sperm test. The sperm test determines the number of sperm, their motility and the sperm rate with a normal appearance. The sperm DNA damage test, on the other hand, determines the damage to the DNA chain of the sperm, i.e. the quality of the sperm. Sperm DNA damage is determined by tests that are required in special cases. As seen with a faulty sperm test, a high rate of sperm DNA damage can be seen in patients with a normal sperm test.

What causes sperm DNA damage?

Studies have shown that many factors influence sperm quality. The first of these is unhealthy living conditions. Smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption, radiation exposure, some medications cause infections. Sperm DNA damage has also been observed in professionals who use computers for long periods of time, work with chemicals or work in a hot environment. In addition, incomplete maturation of the sperm or incomplete arrangement of proteins can lead to damage to the DNA chain.

Can sperm DNA damage be treated?

To date, no method has been found to treat sperm DNA damage. But you can make a contribution by removing some of the factors that cause damage from your life. If you smoke and consume alcohol, you can stop and switch to a healthy diet. If you have an infection, you can start treatment. In patients with sperm DNA damage, sperm selection methods can be used and high-quality sperm can be selected and fertilised by microinjection procedures. In this way, the chances of having a baby are increased.

When is a sperm DNA damage test performed?

  • Repeated IVF attempts.
  • In case of recurrent miscarriages.
  • In case of problems with embryo development.
  • In the case of unexplained infertility.
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