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Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing is the process of freezing the sperm that is collected from the man in the laboratory for future use in IVF treatment.

Sperm collection

To freeze sperm, a sperm sample is taken from the man. The semen sample can be collected in two different ways. The first is collected by masturbation in the sperm collection rooms at the clinic. The second is to collect sperm from the testicles using MESA and TESA procedures. These procedures are performed under local or general anaesthesia. In cases where the patient has a low sperm count or cannot deliver sperm through masturbation, these surgical procedures are used for the sperm sample. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 days before semen collection. No sexual intercourse or masturbation should take place during this time. It is wrong to prolong sexual abstinence in order to increase sperm count. In this way, sperm count and sperm motility decrease while sperm count increases.

Sperm analysis

Collected sperm are analysed before freezing. This analysis evaluates the number, motility and structure of the sperm. In this way, the healthiest sperm are selected and frozen. If the sperm sample is not of the desired quality, the doctor can request a sperm sample again. After the sperm analysis is completed, the sperm to be frozen is frozen at -197 degrees with a specially formulated sperm freezing liquid. In this way it is preserved for many years.

Under what conditions is the sperm freezing procedure recommended?

Before taking medication or undergoing surgery that may affect sperm production.In cases where the sperm count is low and this situation may increase.Before chemotherapy for testicular or other cancer.It is recommended when the patient is out of town during treatment.
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