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Pregnancy with drug treatment

During preparation for pregnancy, medication consisting of suppressive hormones is used for about two weeks to externally support the development of the eggs. Medication is usually administered by subcutaneous injection. The reason for using medication is to increase the likelihood of pregnancy by retrieving more eggs and obtaining more embryos.Before starting the suppressive treatment, blood tests and ultrasound are performed. As a result, appropriate medication is used to stimulate the development of the eggs.

Medications used in the process

Medications containing FSH and HMG are used, which stimulate egg development by suppressing ovarian hormones, as well as medications that cause the egg to break open. Checks are carried out when the medication is started. The initially infrequent checks become more frequent when the development of the egg reaches a certain level. Oocytes whose ultrasonographic development is followed and blood levels secreted from the oocytes are determined. As a result of all these obtained results, appropriate changes in medication doses are made.When the oocytes reach the desired maturity, another medication is administered to stimulate them. Oocyte retrieval takes place 36 hours after the administration of this drug.
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