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What is an ultrasound?

The imaging procedure using high-frequency sound waves is called ultrasound. Since this technology, which is used to check the baby, does not contain any radiation, it has no side effects.

Why is ultrasound performed?

Ultrasound provides simple and quick results in diagnosis. Bone measurements of the baby, head circumference, nuchal thickness, many follow-up examinations such as which week it is, are done with ultrasound. In addition, the sex of the baby can be determined between the 14th and 18th week. A detailed ultrasound, in which all the baby's organs and formations are examined in detail, must be carried out by doctors specially trained for this purpose. This detailed ultrasound should be done between the 18.24 week when the baby's organ development is complete. The difference between this detailed ultrasound and other ultrasounds is that it takes longer. The average ultrasound examination takes 30-45 minutes. The baby's intracranial structure, face, neck, chest, heart, abdominal cavity organs, genital area, arms, legs and spine are examined in detail. Detection of congenital defects seen in the baby when abnormalities may occur in some genetic diseases are detected and examined.

Four-dimensional ultrasound

In addition to the traditional black and white, i.e. two-dimensional ultrasound examination function, it also offers the possibility of examining vascular structures with its colour Doppler function and is more comprehensible with its 3-dimensional function. With two-dimensional ultrasound, it is not possible to fully examine the baby's fingers and toes. At the same time, it is difficult to detect cleft palate and lip abnormalities. However, 4D ultrasound is more effective in detecting baby anomalies.
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