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What is vaccination?

Vaccination, or insemination, is a treatment for couples who are unable to have children within one year despite regular and unprotected sexual intercourse. As a result of tests carried out on both men and women, it is confirmed whether the couple is suitable for vaccination. This method, which is used before IVF, aims to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. The gynaecological examination of the woman, the patency of the tubes and the ultrasound are considered in the first step. For men, the semen analysis is examined in detail. The purpose of the vaccination is to increase the likelihood of the egg and sperm meeting in the fallopian tubes. Vaccination is mainly preferred for mild sperm disorders, laparoscopically treated endometriosis cases and unexplained infertility.

How is the vaccination applied?

It is applied by stimulating the woman's ovaries and transferring the washed and concentrated sperm into the uterus after the eggs have broken open. The main complications after vaccination are conditions such as multiple pregnancies and infections. For this reason, the couple should be informed about this situation if the number of mature eggs stimulated in the woman before vaccination is 4 or more. If necessary, treatment should be discontinued and in vitro fertilisation used instead of vaccination. In vaccination treatment, the age of the woman, the duration of infertility, the patency of the fallopian tubes, the number of male sperm and the motility of the sperm increase the success rate.

What should be done after vaccination?

After vaccination, pain and cramps may occur in the groin area. The couple can continue their normal life. However, a healthy and balanced diet is important. No medication other than that prescribed by your doctor should be taken.
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