What is a normal sperm count?

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What is a normal sperm count?

For a normal sperm count, a spermiogram, also known as a semen test, is performed. The spermiogram test observes the quantity and quality of healthy sperm cells in semen in the laboratory environment. The normal sperm count is one of the first tests used for couples who have had regular and unprotected sexual intercourse for a year but cannot become pregnant. This way, it is analysed how many healthy and motile sperm are needed for reproduction.

How is the sperm test carried out?

You should hand in your sperm in a container specially prepared for men in the sperm donor room at the clinic where you are undergoing IVF treatment. This is how the sperm sample, which is immediately delivered to the laboratory environment, is examined. The sperm count in the semen is examined for motility and shape and the best sperm are selected by some procedures in the laboratory. If the patient cannot perform semen analysis by masturbation, sperm can be collected from the testicle using a thin needle with the Micro-TESE method.

What should be done before a normal sperm count?

Before giving the semen sample, the man must abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 days. This period should not be longer or shorter. Because these periods that last less than 3 days have a low sperm count and those that last longer than 5 days cause a decrease in sperm motility. For this reason, the patient is told 3 days is the ideal duration. It is beneficial not to consume cigarettes or alcohol before the sperm count. In addition, herbal tea, medicines or other herbal treatment products should not be used.

Who will have a normal sperm count?

  • Patients who apply for IVF treatment.
  • Couples who have been unable to conceive for one year despite regular and unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • The patient whose diagnosis of infertility needs to be clarified.
  • For patients with varicocele, undescended testis.
  • Performed on patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
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